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NVPS - Adavanced Copy of Superintendent's November Letter to the Community | Community Spirit

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NVPS - Adavanced Copy of Superintendent's November Letter to the Community
NVPS - Adavanced Copy of Superintendent's November Letter to the Community

Dear Families, Community Members, Staff, and Students:

 …….NORTHVIEW.  I first heard the phrase “We are Northview” from a now retired teacher who had served the Northview community for over 30 years.  She was responding to my question “why is there such a strong emotional and spiritual bond between the Northview community and its schools?”

I found some evidence of our strong emotional and spiritual bond written in 1962 for the Dedication Program for “The New Northview High School.”  The message reads “To the Citizens of the Northview School District:  Today our dedication and open house ceremonies represent another milestone of progress in the schools of our area.  This new high school represents the efforts of a great many people.  We wish to thank each and every one of you for the part you have played in making this building and school system possible. It is only through the cooperative efforts of many persons such as your self that we have one of the outstanding educational programs in the state.  We fully realize that this high school dedication program does not mark the end.  Our work is not complete, in fact, the completion of our school building is only the first step.  We shall dedicate ourselves to the continued improvement of our school program so that our students for years to come will benefit from this fine facility and the best educational program that we, with your help and cooperation, can offer.” 

Forty-nine (49) years ago a group of dedicated Northview citizens made the decision to create and maintain a strong school system.  They made the decision that would impact students and their families “for years to come.”  They are Northview.

Over the past weeks and months you have received a wealth of factual information regarding the two bond proposals that will be on the November 8, 2011 ballot.  We have provided personal stories of what works well in Northview.  We have shared openly the issues we have not yet solved.  You know what will be built, how much it will cost, and what happens if the proposals are approved or denied by the community.  You have plenty of reasons to support the decisions you make when answering the bond proposal questions on your ballot.  Your voice and your vote counts!

A community member, who was present at the dedication in 1962, gave me a simple yet very elegant question that does not appear on the November 8, 2011 ballot.  How will the citizens who live in Northview 49 years from now look back on us?


Sincerely and With Great Respect, 

Mike Paskewicz

Questions and comments may be sent directly to me at mpaskewicz@nvps.net.