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What do "Watch D.O.G.S." do? - One dad's experience | Community Spirit

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What do "Watch D.O.G.S." do? - One dad's experience
What do "Watch D.O.G.S." do? - One dad's experience

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"Like many dads and father figures at North Oakview, West Oakview and East Oakview, I had the privilege of participating in the Watch D.O.G.S. program. Recently, I spent a Tuesday at East Oakview fulfilling the excited wishes of my daughter, Viola. While there, I gained more respect for my elementary colleagues and the job they do preparing Northview students, years before they reach my high school English classroom.

For months, Viola was excited for my Dads of Great Students (www.fathers.com/watchdogs) day to come. Viola escorted me to the office to check in. We then went to morning recess where I met her classmates and helped resolve a dispute in a kickball game. After helping with breakfast clean-up, I went to Mrs. Johnston's first grade class, which happens to be Viola's class. Mrs. Johnston had me help and listen to several students read. I read a story to the class.

From there, I visited Mrs. Barnes second grade class while they were engaged in silent reading. I spoke with students about what they were reading. Next, I found myself in Mrs. Murphy's kindergarten where I helped students with addition and telling time centers.

Since my volunteer date was set, my daughter constantly spoke of eating lunch with me. I knew it was all worthwhile when I saw her huge smile as she came to eat lunch with me and her friends.

After lunch, I went to Mrs. Day's second grade room and helped students with math. I went to Mrs. Stanley's second grade class and helped Mr. Fenech and his students measure ten items and then played math games. I traveled to third and fourth grade where I assisted Mrs. VanDessel by having Max read a story to me and discuss it. I helped De'khari with his multiplication tables. In Mrs. Morley's class, I helped two boys work through their math workbooks.

The day was busy but very rewarding. I plan to volunteer again, and I highly suggest the experience to all the father figures in the Northview community. Learning and appreciating the hard work our children and teachers do everyday was invaluable. However, the best part was the smile and sense of pride my daughter had all day." ~ Mr. Kevin Weber