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Urban Wildlife - Meet Hawkeye | Environment

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Urban Wildlife - Meet Hawkeye
Urban Wildlife - Meet Hawkeye

Hawkeye” is the most feared creature in our urban forest.  I think the critters fear him even more than “Kitty”, the neighborhood’s gray tabby.

The critters (birds and the four legged kind) must have a sixth sense.  They will be happily eating and all of sudden they all scatter.  Several seconds later, Hawkeye will fly over the backyard or land in a nearby tree.

I think Hawkeye is a Cooper’s Hawk.  The most common urban hawk is the Cooper’s Hawk, which can be confused with the smaller look-alike Sharp-shinned Hawk. If you feed birds long enough, a hawk will show up since the critters around a bird feeder can be easy prey. 

One of our friends, Mary, has a saying “nature isn’t always pretty.”  Watching a hawk catch one of the critters in your backyard isn’t pretty.  The hawk is only doing what comes naturally, so we let the backyard drama play out without interference from us.

George, our dog, is oblivious to all this drama in his backyard kingdom.  He has no interest in small song birds, and we doubt he sees the hawk way up in the trees.  He prefers watching big birds, such as turkeys and geese, and the four legged critters. 

Next Sunday:  The critters who taunt George.

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