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My Town: No school, no problem! Four tips to keep your student learning over the holidays | Families

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My Town: No school, no problem! Four tips to keep your student learning over the holidays
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My Town: No school, no problem!  Four tips to keep your student learning over the holidays

During the winter break from school, many students will pack away their books and turn their attention away from learning. 

To help ensure your students are still learning, statewide virtual learning school, Michigan Connections Academy, is sharing activities you can do as a family to keep your young students busy and their brains active over the break.

1.       Practice math while baking holiday cookies. Students struggle with fractions and always want to know when they will “use math in real life.” The perfect time to practice fractions is while you are baking cookies. Two-thirds of a cup plus 1/3 of a cup equals one whole cup, which your child will see as you work on making those cookies, helping develop a real life connection to what they are learning in school.

2.       Adore beautiful snowflakes while researching. As you watch the snow fall outside your window, talk with your child about how no two snowflakes are alike.  As they doubt this statement, bring them in to do the research.  Visit the official website of Snowflake Bentley, a website highlighting how no two snowflakes are the same through years of research. This could be a wonderful opportunity to not only learn about research but to discover something new as a family!

3.       Practice creative story telling. Encourage your student to write a story about the life of a snowflake to help them explore their creativity while practicing writing. You can also tie this into learning about the water cycle and the different forms of precipitation.

4.       Share stories as a family. As a family, read a story and create a cereal box book report to help retell or summarize the story. The front of the cereal box becomes the cover of the story that they will read and the ingredients become the characters and setting of the story.  The back of the box is a short summary and a crossword created based on the story.  The remaining side is fun facts about the story.  As an added bonus, they can even put a prize in the cereal box, something that is related to the story.  This is a great way to encourage more reading and share great stories with each other.

Winter break does not have to mean noisy video games or time spent staring blankly at the TV for two weeks.  Get creative by following these fun ideas and your students can have fun while not forgetting what they’ve learned!

To learn more about virtual learning and upcoming events for interested families, please visit MichiganConnectionsAcademy.com.  

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