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My Town: 3 ways to inspire your online learner | Families

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My Town: 3 ways to inspire your online learner
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My Town: 3 ways to inspire your online learner

Whether learning online or in a traditional classroom, keeping your student motivated is important—it offers the opportunity for innovation and powerful learning experiences.

Alexandra Negrete, a teacher at statewide virtual public high school Great Lakes Cyber Academy, shares three tips to help challenge students to reach their highest potential.

1. Know the “Why”:  Many successful leaders or businesses pay thousands of dollars to have professional consultants help them identify their “reason why.” Just like successful leaders, students also need to know where they are going and why. When students know the reasons as to why studying and school are important, they will have the motivation to succeed. Motivating students to action can be done by helping them see beyond the present assignment to the future value, whether that is personal fulfillment, acceptance to a prestigious university or well respected college, traveling abroad, a lucrative internship or a rewarding career.

2. Expand Learning Opportunities: Encourage your students to extend their learning beyond the classroom. Most online schools offer opportunities for students to attend various field trips in-person throughout the school year. If not, travel to a museum, visit your local library, take an outing to a nature trail or plan a staycation. Here are a few more ideas:

  • Participate in “Take Your Child to Work” to expose them to career options
  • Find a mentor or expert in the fields that your children are passionate about or simply want to explore more deeply
  • Attend an enrichment program at a local college
  • Join a club or interest group such as photography or cooking

The key is to be creative and to challenge students in fun and innovative ways.

3. Recognize Growth: Students who are recognized for their effort see continued improvement in their performance. Encourage your children to stay on task and to keep going by recognizing their achievements and developing ways to track their growth. A progress chart or points are good ways to acknowledge students for their effort. With instant access to gradebooks, parents of children attending online schools can easily view their child’s progression. Make it a commitment to recognize your children’s achievements.

All students deserve access to a school or learning environment where they can be supported, challenged, and ultimately have access to a tailored learning experience. If you are interested in learning more about online education, please visit www.GreatLakesCyberAcademy.com or call 855-Go4-GLCA (855-464-4522). 

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