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Police: Four teens caught stealing from unlocked cars | News

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Police: Four teens caught stealing from unlocked cars

BELMONT, Mich (WZZM) -- Four teens from Cedar Springs have been turned over to their parents as police investigate their suspected roles in a string of car larcenies since the beginning of June. In total, more than 50 cars have been targeted.

"We noticed a kid kinda playing with his hair around one of the coworkers' vehicles, and then he randomly tried the door. After about 10 seconds, he went over to another door, tried that, and it was also locked," said Belmont's Phillip Wall, an assessing clerk with Plainfield Township. He was chatting with his boss Monday morning when he said they saw two teens pretending to preen themselves in the car windows outside.

"One of his friends came from around the corner, he tried the door next to my boss's car, and then eventually opened her car door," said Wall.

She yelled out the window for the boys to stop while Wall ran after them.

"I ran through the door in the back," Wall said, "and by that time they were already running onto the trail."

Wall says the boys jumped onto bikes waiting for them on the White Pine Trail and took off. He chased them for a short while, stopping by the Belmont Market when another teen walked out of the store.

"He had a bag of chips in his hand, and after I stopped, he stopped right next to me and I warned him to be careful because there were a few kids up there that just robbed from a car on government property. He said, 'Okay,' and then drove off after them. Later, he was there as one of the four kids that got arrested," said Wall.

Police found four kids in total about a mile and a half down the trail. Wall identified them, the boys confessed to thefts in Cedar Springs and Rockford, as well as these in Belmont. For a month and a half they got away with it until they tried the wrong car at the wrong time.

"I just tried to get my boss's iPod back, and it's great -- because in the end, she got it back so it was good," Wall said.