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Bond Election November 8, 2011 - Q & A Continued.... | News

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Bond Election November 8, 2011 - Q & A Continued....
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Bond Election November 8, 2011 - Q & A Continued....

We have two bond proposals on the November 8 ballot.  You vote on each proposal separately.  Additional information regarding the bond proposals may be found on our website at www.nvps.net.

Proposal 1 - Critical for Learning - Academics, Arts, Technology

Proposal 2 - Quality of Life - Activities and Athletics.

Here are two of ten "Questions and Answers" that are most frequently discussed.

Q:  What is on the November 8, 2011 Ballot?

A:  There are two proposals on the ballot.  You vote on both proposals separately.  Proposal 1 – Critical for Learning – Academics, Arts, and Technology.  Proposal 2 – Quality of Life – Activities and Athletics.  Ballot language may be found on our web page www.nvps.net.

A citizens’ committee “Friends of Northview Public Schools” has been formed to provide community members with information regarding the need for the bonds.

Q:  Why are the bond proposals necessary?

A:  Security – this plan provides better high school visitor access control and less congested bus and car drop off / pick up areas at the high school.  Security system additions & upgrades will be implemented.  We will also be able to replace our district telephone system with expanded safety functions.

Technology Improvements – This bond issue includes $4 million in much needed district-wide technology improvements.  All schools will receive new technology infrastructure, electrical power upgrades and instructional technology including computers, wireless networks and other student devices.

Energy Savings – Energy efficient mechanical systems and computerized controls at the high school will use less energy, help us be more “green” and help to lower operational costs.  These savings will allow more of our budget money to go to the classroom and help us implement sustainable principles.

21st Century Education Delivery – Our goal is to continue to improve opportunities for our students which will help us to provide healthy, safe and stimulating educational environments.  New classrooms at the high school will provide more collaborative student spaces and also allow some growth capacity.  It provides for more flexible space, project areas, small group work, and teacher planning areas. Four new classrooms at West Oakview will expand our early childhood program offerings.  This is also a proactive step that allows us to take immediate action when State forces the implementation of the legislation requiring full day kindergarten.

Low construction costs – Financing and construction costs are very competitive.  Major construction projects in our district will provide substantial construction jobs for local workers.  Now is a very advantageous time to implement construction projects.  Our bonding capacity for the next few years is likely at our most advantageous rate right now.

Master Planning / Phased Approach – Based on community input, this Phase 1 plan will address our high school and early childhood programs.  Our other schools will be addressed in the future with a “pay as you go” phased approach as part of a 7 year facility improvement plan.

Maintain a strong community – When parents are looking to buy a new home, they look at the quality of the school district.  Northview has enjoyed quality, blue ribbon schools and we want to continue to be a destination school district in this area.  Quality schools maintain and increase property values.

Send questions and comments directly to mpaskewicz@nvps.net.

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