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Little Pearl Cupcakes…Big Flavor

Little Pearl Cupcakes…Big Flavor

I had heard about a new cupcake shop opening on GRNOW.com and wanted to check it out. Little Pearl is a cute little shop located across from Family Fare on Northland Drive. This place is heavy on the Pink, but it works. It is almost like the pink and white stripes the wall is painted and all the little hanging cupcakes pictures are a subliminal message to buy cupcakes.

I met Niki one of the owners and she was very friendly and happy to talk about her cupcakes. They had a handful of flavors and they all looked excellent. I ended up with a ‘Latte’, ‘Pina Colada’, and a ‘Chocolate Carmel Pretzel Peanut Butter’. Yeah that last one tastes as good as it sounds, but more on that in a minute.

Niki told me a little about her business and how she and her friend Emily started doing cakes and cupcakes just for family and friends.